Friday, February 17, 2023

A Spoonful of Love


I’ve been wanting to get back to mixed media for a while, and Dawna’s Mixed Media Challenge over at has been the perfect opportunity. I’ve raided my stash for all the materials and mediums to create a vintage-type canvas with lots of mechanical elements for the Valentine’s Day season.

 I started by adhering the tissue paper to a 9” x 12” canvas, using matte gel medium to glue it down and then on top to seal it. I ran an archival ink pad around the edges to give it some definition.

When it was absolutely dry, I added some texture by running paper texture paste through a stencil.

While this was setting, I made a few heart and mechanical embellishments using a Finnabair mold and cast resin. I selected a few metal embellishments and a bit of lace to add to my piece.

I started with the lace, cutting a few pieces, and adhering them to the center and arranging them to create the basic flow of the design. Next, I glued down the spoon and then I began to add resin and metal pieces here and there until I was satisfied with the results. I filled in some gaps and added a bit of interest with art stone. (I used matte gel medium as my adhesive; it works with any and all surfaces.) I covered all the components with white gesso. This does double duty, sealing all porous surfaces and adding “teeth” to the smooth ones.

Time to add a little color! I started with the Butterfly Spells acrylic, painting it here and there and spraying it so that it would lightly run down the canvas, using my heat tool to set it. I repeated this step, using the French Lavender shade, then going over and over my piece, alternating the paints, until everything was covered. Next, I watered down some Burnt Sienna paint until it had a consistency of a thick ink and lightly spread it over my assemblage to tone down the colors and give it a shabby look.

I finished my canvas by adding a little bit more of water to the paint and, with the aid of a fan brush, applied splatters over the entire surface.







Prima – Finnabair – Decorative Paper – Romantic #968090


Prima – Finnabair – Embellishments – Mechanicals – Metal Blooms #968496

Prima – Finnabair – Embellishments – Mechanicals – Grungy Gears #968519

Prima – Finnabair – Embellishments – Mechanicals – Tin Hearts #963361

Prima – Finnabair – Embellishments – Mechanicals – Machine Parts #967109

Prima – Trims – Magnolia #583019

Reneabouquets – Drop Leaf Lace - White


Ranger – Distress – Archival Ink – Ground Espresso #AMPK77947

Prima – Finnabair – Art Basics – 3D Matte Gel #961398

Prima – Finnabair – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White #961442

Prima – Finnabair – Art Extravagance – Paper Texture Paste #965259

Prima – Finnabair – Art Ingredients – Art Stones – White #963705

Prima – Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Acrylic Paint – Sparks – Butterfly Spells #964122

Prima – Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Acrylic Paint – Metallique – French Lavender #967796

Prima – Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic – Burnt Sienna #967222


Prima – Finnabair – Stencil – Victorian Tiles #968946

Prima – Finnabair – Imaginarium – Steampunk Hearts #969448


9” x 12” Canvas

Alumilite – Amazing Casting Resin - White



As always, I want to thank you for peeking into my blog; your visits mean a lot to me.


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