Thursday, January 2, 2020

Reality Has Limits

The Très Jolie Mediums Kit for December came with a variety of mediums and textures, a canvas board, a stencil, and – best of all – 2 gorgeous sheets of rice paper from Ciao Bella.
I added some ingredients of my own and came up with this to enter in the December Mediums challenge.

I started by misting the rice paper with water. (While you don’t want the results to be dripping wet, you do want the paper to be soaked through.)

I began to tear the rice paper up into pieces.

Using the collage medium, I begin to adhere the pieces to the canvas board. As with any gel medium, I coat the canvas, place the paper and then apply another coating on top. This will ensure that all of the edges are completely sealed.
(BTW, you want to do this quickly; the drying time for gel is almost immediate.)

I add a little more interest with a torn dictionary page and some old sheet music.

As you can see, I didn’t overthink any of this; I just placed my elements here and there in a random fashion. Some of the edges are a little bare. That’s fine; they’ll look okay at the end.

Next, I cut up some the drywall tape and glued it down with the collage medium. The tape is pretty heavy, so I used a healthy dollop for each piece. (Yes, there is some oozing; again, it’ll be fine in the end.)

The mesh tape is so sticky in the back that I simply laid it down where I wanted it without bothering with adhesive.

I began to apply paper texture paste through the stencil.
I covered the canvas in a random fashion, at times overlapping the drywall and mesh tapes.

When I was satisfied with my canvas, I applied the Vintage medium all over. Not only did this tone down the whites, but it acted as a final sealant for all of my elements.

I began to place items from my stash on the canvas, starting in the center and working out. (I used the collage paste for this, too. It’s perfect for attaching metals and other heavy pieces.)

I added more items, giving no thought to color. I was thinking only of textures and shapes. As with the paper, I didn’t overthink this; I simply placed things where they seemed to want to go.

The fountain is a resin piece that I made with a Prima mold and painted with black gesso some while back.

I started to add Art Stones, mixing them with the collage medium and “painting” them here and there to cover gaps and add more texture.

I added more (and larger) Art Stones around the elements as well as a little bit here and there around the canvas. Lastly, I created the appearance of a flow of water from the fountain.

I covered my center piece with black gesso.

Once the gesso was completely dry, I sprayed the entire canvas with Gossamer Gold mist. I misted around the canvas lightly with water, leaving the center details as is. This caused the mist to flow down the page, adding texture to the surface.

I dried the entire surface with my heat tool.

I covered the center details with Treasure Island Aqua mist by applying the spay close to the surface. I dried this with my heat tool and applied another layer of mist.

I colored the Art Stones with Peacock metallic wax.

I dug into the stash of pieces that I’ve created from molds and came up with this sweet cherub. I painted it with black gesso then applied metallic wax to the surface, first using Antique Gold, then Peacock. I glued it to a spoon from my pile of metal pieces, then attached it all to the resin piece in the center.

Lastly, I selected a Tim Holtz quote as a perfect title for my project. I glued it on and called it “done”.



Fredrix – Wrapped Edge Canvas Panel – 12 x 12 – White #T3043
Ciao Bella – Rice Paper – A4 – Partitura #CBRP025
Ciao Bella – Rice Paper – A4 – Camerino #CBRP028
The Crafter’s Workshop – Balzer Designs – 6 x 6 Doodling Template – Mini Art Deco Leaves #TCW450s
Très Jolie – Mesh Tape
Très Jolie – Dry Wall Tape
Lindy’s Stamp Gang – Moon Shadow Mist – Gossamer Gold
Lindy’s Stamp Gang – Moon Shadow Mist – Treasure Island Aqua
Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Collage Medium – Mini – 3 Pack #TDAK50933
Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Collage Brush – 0.75 Inches #TDA50872


Prima – Finnabair – Art Extravagance – Paper Texture Paste #965259
Prima – Finnabair – Art Ingredients – Art Stones #963705
Prima – Finnabair – Art Ingredients – Mega Art Stones #964672
Liquitex – Professional – Black Colored Gesso #5320251
Prima – Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Metallic Wax – Vintage Gold #963958
Prima – Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Metallic Wax – Peacock #966775

As always, I want to thank you for peeking into my blog; your visits mean a lot to me.

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